Avena Consultants provides regulatory compliance services to global health food and food supplement manufacturers and distributors, helping companies market their products successfully without getting tied up or held back by complex legislation.

We provide the clear expert advice you need to bring herbal, botanical and nutritional  products to the UK and EU markets. Whether you choose to follow an existing regulatory route or formulate a new product based on evidence of efficacy and legal compliance, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Avena Consultants has the answers.

Product evaluation and reviews: is my product a medical device, medicine, traditional herbal medicine, novel food or a food supplement?

Claim research and website copy reviews: do our marketing claims meet legislative requirements and if not how should they be re-worded?

Herbal regulatory compliance: how do we submit a Traditional Herbal Registration Dossier or carry out a formulation project? What licences do we need? How long will all this take?

Food supplement consultancy: are all our ingredients recognised as foods in the EU? Do our labels comply with legislation? How do we make a novel food application?

To find out more about any of these topics, just get in touch.