Chantel McGrath: Managing Director

Chantel McGrath (Herbal Medicine BSc Hons, NIMH) is an award-winning expert in international regulatory compliance for marketing and exporting herbal medicines and health supplements. With the Nine years of experience in Market Research, Regulatory and Policy advice in medical device, emerging technology and natural product industries, across multiple markets. Chantel set up Avena Consultants in 2009 to bring Scientific, regulatory and therapeutic knowledge into one succinct service. She has a passion for natural products and helping companies bring them successfully on to the market by delivering regulatory insight and strategy.

Dr Sian George: Commercial Development Expert

Sian George (BA, MSc, PHD)  provides Avena with expert commercial development and business administration support. She is a highly-experienced senior manager who has helped leverage over £60m for SMEs in the life-sciences and renewable energy sector. In her most recent role as interim CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, the European trade body for marine energy, she delivered an award-winning growth strategy for the sector. Prior to this she spent 7 years as Head of Commercial Development at Aquamarine Power Ltd, where she secured contracts and investment from corporates such as BAE Systems, SSE Plc and ABB Plc. She also developed the initial market entry strategy for Aircraft Medical, a successful technology start-up, which now sells its medical devices in 35 countries. Sian is an internationally recognised regulatory expert; who has chaired several European and UK government advisory boards. Her PhD focused on governance and regulations for natural resource management in the UK.

Damien Bové: Associate Expert

Damien Bové (BSc Pharmacy, MA Frontiers of Medical Science) is a highly valued associate with 18 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He specialises in Novel drug and Biocidal product development, particularly for virtual and small companies. He started off his career as a pharmaceutical technician, then an academic research manager at SmithKline Beecham and moved on to the consultancy division at Covance (Global Contract Research Organisation) focusing on emergent product services, defining markets and regulatory/ development strategies for novel pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.Damien has been an independent consultant since 2004 and frequently works with regulatory agencies across the globe in order to fast-track products into Man; he develops strategies and works within the regulatory structures of the FDA, EMA, MHRA and Health Canada, amongst others. Damien also organises courses on The Regulations of First in Man Clinical Trials and Business Planning for MedTech Entrepreneurs. He is an asset to Avena because of his vast experience and friendly approach to clients.

Daisy Allen: Associate Expert

Daisy Allen (Herbal Medicine BSc, MSc) is a fully qualified medical herbalist. With several years of experience of consultancy research work in both market research and formulation development, she has a good working understanding of both sides of the market. She also practices as a herbalist and sees patients regularly. Daisy has a special interest in formulations, and to this end has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Elemental Theory in order to better understand the synergistic effects of compound formulae. Daisy also took an MSc in Holistic Science, at Schumacker collage studying subjects such as systems theory, complexity, and biophotonics. These studies have given Daisy a view, and understanding, of herbs, herbal medicine, and herbal formulations that goes beyond the properties of single constituents. Since working with Avena Consultants, Daisy has also added an understanding of regulatory issues to her portfolio, making her a valuable addition to the team.