Product Evaluation and Reviews

Product Evaluation and Reviews

Getting the pieces in place

Avena Consultants evaluate and review products, advising on formulations and the best regulatory route and strategy. Reporting on single products or entire product ranges, we analyse substances and formulations, and assess labelling and packaging copy, and advertising and marketing claims. We can also write bespoke guidelines to give your team a working knowledge of the legislation that affects your business.

The first step for many herbal, food supplement, nutritional product producers is to establish exactly how their product fits in to the regulatory picture in the EU and UK.

Some products are easily categorised but others need further investigation to establish their medicinal activity on the body and review the claims being made. Some herbals, botanicals and food supplements are considered borderline because they were not on the market before 1997, and fall by default under novel food legislation. .

Labelling and compliance

All products must comply with labelling laws covering ingredients, cautions, instructions for use, product information, and what claims can be made.